Monster Force Giveaway

monster force

William Gamer is a personal friend of Monster Force Rc Racing and is committed to help us raise funds to purchase high quality equipment for this event and more Monster Force events to come.  True Scale Racing Tree, Crushed Cars, Solid Built Jumps, Steel Starting Gates… it all costs moolah.  We believe it’s essential to keep driver entry fees to a minimum considering most participants are driving from out-of-town.  For this event William has donated a custom Kyosho Mad Force.  It has custom on-the-axle servo mount, HPI Vapor Pro ESC with Castle Creations Brushless Motor, RC4WD Twisted Tires and Custom 1-off Wheels, The dogbone driveshafts have been replaced by Traxxas ones.


Tamiya Super Clodbuster Kit (On Location Giveaway) $300 Value 

This first giveaway is “on location only” at the Monster Force event.  Participants and spectators will be able to buy raffle tickets on location from the registration table.  Each registered driver will be given 1 raffle ticket.  Additional raffle tickets will be $5 for 1 ticket and $20 for 5 tickets.  Registered participants and spectators can purchase additional raffle tickets.  Tamiya USA will ship the Tamiya Super Clodbuster kit directly to the winner’s house after the event!



Tamiya TXT Agrios Kit (Online Giveaway) $430 Value

Online giveaway and winner drawn by the end of the event by the Event Champion (Racer with most wins for the day).  Video of this drawing will be posted online.  Paypal frowns on raffles so… online participants can purchase Screw Loose Hardware stickers to enter the giveaway.  (1) sticker for $5 or (5) stickers for $20.  For every sticker purchased we will place an entry with your name on it for the giveaway.  All purchased stickers will be shipped the week of April 18.  Tamiya USA will ship the Tamiya TXT Agrios kit directly to the winner’s house after the event!



Giveaway is finished!!!  Thank you for  your generosity 🙂  It blew us away