What is it?


So what is this brand?

Screw Loose Hardware is a bulk hardware resource for R/C cars and trucks.  Bulk screw supply for multiple custom builds and maintenance for a variety of R/C applications.  We mostly carry m3 metric hardware that is common for many R/C applications (ie Axial, Traxxas and Tamiya to name a few).

Are these specific car kits?

No these are not specific to any one car/truck kit.  These are better, we sell large quantity kits to give you more hardware for you dollar.  Selling in bulk allows us to purchase in large quantities ourselves and then pass  the savings on to the build/basher/racer.

In my experience… 1) specific kits only give you enough screws for 1 vehicle and often times you are left over with limited overstock, a bunch of #whatyoudontneed.  2) custom builds never go according to plan and its nice to have whatever screw you need available for whatever application.  3) Once you buy one R/C, you will probably pick up more and require more SCREWS YAY! 4) I hate having a mix match or phillips, straight and hex hardware on ONE vehicle… ugh!

Which kit should I pick up?

Really it’s preference, however here are some things to consider. 1) Are you concerned about rust?  If so select a stainless steel kit, our Stainless Steel is A-2, 18.8 SS.  If durability is your thing, then select our Black Alloy 12.9 class screws.  These screws are tough and are the strongest screw that we currently carry.  2) Should you pick up Button Head or Cap Head screws… button heads are low profile and use a 2.0 hex driver.  Cap heads are boxy and use a 2.5 hex driver, these have a little more meat to twist into.  For monster truck builds I prefer the Cap Heads, for scale crawlers (like Axial rigs) I prefer button heads.  When in doubt, pick up a “Monster Kit” and have both to choose from!  Check out custom “Monster Kits” here!

When I first put these kits together, they were in response to my building needs for modifying custom clodbusters. I needed m3 metric hardware from 6mm up to 30mm in length.  My preference was Cap Heads like this kit here, 650 pcs Black Alloy Cap Head.  Then as I became interested in Scale Crawling, button heads were the big thing.  So I put together this kit for crawlers, 650 pcs Stainless Steel Button Head.  Since then we have a lot of guys want Black Alloy in Button Heads and guys who wanted Stainless Steel Cap heads… so we offer our bulk hardware kits 4 varieties; Stainless Steel Cap Head, Stainless Steel Button Head, Black Alloy Cap Head and Black Alloy Button Head.

What if I need something I can’t find here or I need different quantities?

Just contact us! I have access to so much hardware and I am constantly picking up more.  We are trying to keep our brand simple and our overhead controllable, however I have awesome friendships with some great distributes.  More than likely I can get what you need… however my magic 8-ball broke a couple weeks ago and I never could pick up on reading minds, just send me an email! Special orders may require a minimum purchase and may have slightly longer turn-around times.  Contact me at service@screwloosehardware.com  Who knows I might actually have what you need ready-to-go!

What about countersunk or flathead screws?

The technical term for these guys are Flat head cap screws.  I do sell 40 pcs kits of various sizes that you can add to your kit for $4. 10 each: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 16mm.  Click here to view black alloy and click here to view the stainless steel flat head kit.


Keep checking back for new product releases.

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